What I’m Good At

I had coffee recently with a friend. Wait…let me rephrase that. I asked a friend to pretty-please meet me at church while the kids were in classes because that’s the only adult time I had, and I desperately didn’t want to spend it alone. I get lonely when my husband is away. Girlfriends and coffee help, but there isn’t really a break from the loneliness. Or the weight of being responsible for my four amazing kiddos, who are also missing Daddy as much as me.

Anyway, having coffee, I realized after a while that my efforts to stay positive involved me talking about little victories I had had. And they were all related to my day job. In fact, I think I even said, “I’m getting pretty good at my job.” But every time I mentioned the kids, it was somewhere along the lines of, “I hope I am not screwing this up,” or, “My oldest is really struggling and I am not finding many resources on my own to help him.” 

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Rangers (and Their Families) Lead the Way: Part II

Ranger School is tough. At a minimum, it’s 62 days long – with no communication and no true end date. When my husband first started Ranger School, there were 360 other students who started with him. Of the 360 to start, he was one of 180 to graduate and one of 90 to make it straight through. It goes without saying I am unbelievably proud of his accomplishment, determination and sacrifice.

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When the Dust Settles

Ahh, PCS season. There are so many moving parts to a PCS and such a sense of relief when it’s finally complete. Truthfully, even after the boxes are unpacked and the furniture is perfectly placed, there can be a sense of “what now?” lingering. In my personal experience, I have not felt completely settled in for about two to three months after a move. I often need to remind myself that I live here now. However, you can do to several things to help ease the unease, and start to feel like you are truly home.

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