I had coffee recently with a friend. Wait…let me rephrase that. I asked a friend to pretty-please meet me at church while the kids were in classes because that’s the only adult time I had, and I desperately didn’t want to spend it alone. I get lonely when my husband is away. Girlfriends and coffee help, but there isn’t really a break from the loneliness. Or the weight of being responsible for my four amazing kiddos, who are also missing Daddy as much as me.

Anyway, having coffee, I realized after a while that my efforts to stay positive involved me talking about little victories I had had. And they were all related to my day job. In fact, I think I even said, “I’m getting pretty good at my job.” But every time I mentioned the kids, it was somewhere along the lines of, “I hope I am not screwing this up,” or, “My oldest is really struggling and I am not finding many resources on my own to help him.” 

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