A collage of all of the Halloween snacks: cake pops, charcuterie, casper cookies, and witches broom cheese.

My Favorite Halloween Treats

Holidays are important to me. Growing up my mom always went out of her way to make holidays special for me and my brother. She had hand-painted décor for some holidays, hand-painted shirts for me to wear, and of course little homemade treats too. Every Easter she made a cute bunny cake and I still loved eating it even when I was in high school. When my son was born on Halloween, I knew that I had to go big on that holiday. So, I’m always looking for new treats to make and spooky healthy alternatives too. I’d love to share a few of my favorites throughout the years and a new one too!

  1. The Casper Classic. I feel like this is the easiest go-to Halloween sweet treat ever. It takes no time at all and only needs three ingredients. All it takes is a package of Nutter Butter cookies, almond bark to melt and mini chocolate chips for eyes. Boom, then it’s done. The extra bonus with this one is it’s an easy clean-up. In the past, I’ve always dipped the whole cookie to coat the entire top part, but this time I only dipped three quarters of it, and I think it’s a bit cuter. These cookies also last several days, and you don’t need to refrigerate them.
  2. Wicked Witch’s Broom. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier, these two-ingredient snacks are here to steal “The Best After-School Snack in October” title. The best part (besides only needing two ingredients) is it’s very likely you already have the ingredients you need for these. Pretzel sticks and string cheese. I will say there is a certain technique to the assembly. If you push the pretzels too far, it breaks the cheese apart. It only takes a couple to figure it out. Then you simply cut slits into the string cheese to create the broom. Viola! A simple, quick, healthy Halloween snack.
  3. Simple Halloween Cake Pops. These are made with the sugar cookies you pick up at the grocery store. Toss the cookies in a KitchenAid with the paddle attachment and destroy them. Then, add a block of cream cheese. I didn’t have any on hand so I improvised with one block of melted Almond Bark, and it worked great. Once the mixture holds together, form into balls, put the stick in and put them in the freezer to freeze. I left them overnight and the next morning, I melted some orange chocolate and dipped them in. Next, I created a sprinkle station and decorated them. I will say the melting chocolate dries fast, so for the sprinkles to stick well you have to do it quickly. The only step left is to enjoy them with friends and family!
  4. Icky Ice Water. Back to the simple treats, all you need for icky water is a creepy mold or ice tray. I sprinkle bits of raspberries inside a worm mold and pour water over it. Once frozen, I drop them into a glass of water. The ice melts quickly, so the raspberry bits sink to the bottom, making it look even creepier. In the past, I have used a rubber or latex glove to pour water inside and freeze. Once frozen, just pop it out and add the floating ice hand into a punch bowl. The ice/fruit combinations are endless! And bonus, it has no sugar (unless you count the fruit bits)!
  5. Creepy Charcuterie. This one is totally customizable. Last year we put this out for a football party on Halloween. It was a big hit. All you need is a few smaller Halloween decorations and your favorite charcuterie snacks! You can also spy some witch brooms in mine!

Do you make homemade holiday snacks? If so, what is your favorite?

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