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The Importance of Self-Care

Y’all, I am run down. 2019 got the best of me and I am in desperate need of some self-care. I’ve bought and renovated a house this year, my workload has been off the charts, and I’m still trying to be an adult. With the holidays coming up, my schedule is only going to get crazier. All the running around and working a lot is taking its toll on me. I’m exhausted and have no motivation for anything after I get out of work, and that’s something that absolutely needs to change. I need to start taking care of myself because if I don’t prioritize it now I never will, and it’s my responsibility to take care of my body and mind.

Sometimes I look at my work calendar and see if I can schedule a “sick” day, but it never happens. I always put it off with excuses like “oh, I don’t have time” or “maybe another day.” So, I finally scheduled some days off for self-care. I find that most of the time when I take off at work, it’s mainly for traveling to see family (military family life). While being off to see family is amazing, it’s often long days of driving and running around to see everyone before I leave, which isn’t very relaxing. So, I’m taking some intentional days off for MYSELF. Yes, a day off just for ME.

At first, it was super hard for me to just schedule a day off for myself. I felt guilty. But I (and anyone for that matter) deserves to be able to take a day off to take care of themselves. It’s nothing to feel guilty about.

Self-care can be many things in my mind simply because it depends on what YOU need. For me it can be following a skincare routine, getting a workout in, or even just lounging around. The most self-care I’ve been able to squeeze in is sleeping in a little on weekends and making myself dinner during the week. But other than that, my self-care is zero to none.

Some self-care things I’ll be prioritizing the next few weeks are:

  • Establishing a workout routine
  • Scheduling my annual doctor’s appointment and check-ups
  • Getting a new hairstyle (AKA a quarter-life-crisis haircut)
  • Fueling myself with healthy food and having consistent meals
  • Taking a bath and then just napping

Self-care is important. We need to take care of ourselves in order to be healthy and take care of others. Many times, I feel like self-care isn’t viewed as a priority when it should be. When people are run down, they can’t be the best versions of themselves. I hope if you’ve had a crazy 2019, you’re able to take a few moments to yourself for self-care. Even if it’s something small like a cup of nice coffee or a nap. You deserve to take a moment to care for yourself.

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