Deployed for the Holidays

We’re getting to that point in the year when everyone starts getting excited for the holidays. Stores are setting up their holiday decorations, and friends and family start planning holiday parties. Usually, I enjoy making plans and having a little extra time off from work. This year is a little different. My husband will be on deployment for the holidays, which puts a damper on things. Everyone seems to be counting down the days to holidays, but I’m counting down the days to deployment.

It’s a weird feeling being a grinch this year. Of course, I’m hoping to make the best of it, but I’m a little “bah humbug” over here. Who’s going to eat all my ugly cookies and drag in our tree? Who’s buying me presents this year? Kidding, kind of. But also, there’s a part of me that feels bad because my husband’s just going to be underwater in a submarine while we’re all up here celebrating. I don’t think Santa delivers presents underwater.

Anyway, I’ve started planning what I’m going to do without him for the holiday season. I typically have to work one day of the Thanksgiving weekend, so I won’t be able to go back home to New York for that. We do live in a neighborhood with a handful of young military families, so hopefully we can pull off a little Friendsgiving. I’m still going to decorate our house for Christmas, and I’ll be able to fly home to my parent’s house. It might be nice to feel like a kid again for a few days!

Before my husband leaves, my friends and I are trying to coordinate a little holiday party. Everyone will bring a meal or dish from their favorite holiday and dress up in their favorite outfit. I hope this will help my husband get a little taste of holiday cheer before he heads off on his next adventure.

I know it’ll be a little tough getting through the holidays, but I hope our little party, decorations and help from friends and family will help me through the season. I’d love any tips about surviving the holidays without your service member. Especially if you don’t have kids.

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  • Catherine Galway says:

    First off I want to say thank you for all your posts! I actually live here in Norfolk so it is nice to read posts from someone local to me. My husband and I got married this past June right before he left for his year long deployment. Unfortunately I will not have him home for the holidays this year either 🙁 .

    I think your holiday party idea is great! I would definitely recommend going home to see family over the holidays. It is always nice to be surrounded by loved ones and I would say It helps keep me a little distracted. I decided to buy a fake Christmas tree this year, I figured it would be easier for me to handle by myself. I may have started a little early, but I already have it up along with a few other Christmas decorations. Having the decorations out gives me a warm feeling inside and I smile every time I look at the tree despite having to do it alone on our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs..

    Good luck to you and happy holidays!