To Do List and hot chocolate

Maximizing Holiday Joy as a Military Family

When the holiday season comes along, do you feel excited, overwhelmed, happy or already tired from thinking of all the things that need to be done? Sometimes the holidays just “happen,” so to speak. We are on auto pilot without really thinking about what we’re doing.

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A Seasonal Approach for Goal Setting

Each January, many people get busy setting goals. But why wait until then to reflect on things you want to work on? As the seasons change, the pace of our lives often changes as well. Military life comes with many events that happen at the same time every year – so why not set goals around them? This method can provide a systematic approach to living – as well as a different perspective on the pace your life.

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Bringing Peace to Your Thanksgiving Table

You love your family and friends and you’ve traveled hundreds (or thousands) of miles from your duty station to be with them, but they don’t all see eye-to-eye. Try these tips for taking the stress out of the holidays and keeping the peace at your Thanksgiving table.

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