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You Might Be a Military Kid If…

It is the Month of the Military Child and there is so much to celebrate! I have two military kiddos to be thankful for and marvel at this month. How amazing it is to recognize these kids for how much they put up with and how resilient they are! Military kids have singular experiences that set them apart in various ways from civilian kids. In the end they are all kids, but it’s fun to appreciate how military life brings common ground to kids all through the military in different services, stationed all throughout the world. Let’s look at 10 unique things that set these military brats apart!

You might be a MilKid if…

  1. You don’t know how to the answer the question, “Where are you from?”
  2. You play with PCS stickers and have them all over your furniture.
  3. You know more acronyms than the average adult.
  4. You guess where people were stationed by their license plate.
  5. You have unit badges, pins or coins hidden away in your room.
  6. Santa’s never left your presents in the same place twice.
  7. You were born in another country.
  8. You’re an expert traveler and have been on more road trips than Willy Nelson.
  9. You’ve been dared to eat a MRE.
  10. You know what 1500 hours is.

Growing up in the military life is no easy feat. There really is something worth celebrating and appreciating about these kids who live such different lives than most. For all the fun things that set them apart, there are a lot of tough things these kids go through. So happy Month of the Military Child to all the kids out there who’ve had more zip codes than birthdays! You’re amazing!

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Written By Katelyn Nixon
Army Spouse

Katelyn has been a military spouse for six years and enjoys the adventurous lifestyle. To share her experiences with other spouses, she started a blog in 2018.

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