marine sailors volunteer at foodbank

Enhancing Your Military Connection

When your military journey began, did you have any idea where it would take you and your family?  There is so much that comes with MilLife – moving, networking, making new friends, saying “see you soon” to others – in addition to tending to all the responsibilities that come with everyday life. Because things can get hectic, it can be easy to just go through the motions without truly enjoying the experience.

In my own journey, I have found it is easy to “disconnect” from my own military experience, simply because I felt a bit overwhelmed. Part of my issue was lack of involvement – I was having a hard time seeking out things that really resonated with me or that I found interesting. You can enhance your connection to the military in a variety of ways, and participating in events offered on base is a good place to start. From 5K’s, to movie nights, to Fourth of July picnics and holiday concerts, there is never a shortage of things to do. You can meet new people and spend time with existing friends, all while feeling more connected to the place you are living.

Volunteer work is another great way to connect. There are so many organizations that need and welcome support that you are sure to find a cause out there that speaks to you. If you find one that you are particularly passionate about, share what it means to you with your children and your spouse so they can try to share the connection.

Talking with civilian friends and family about your military life is a good way to weave together both of your worlds. It allows you an opportunity to share the things that are important in your life, how you participate in your military experience, and invites your civilian friends to share your experience. I have personally found this to be a wonderful way to enhance my experiences overall.

Taking the time to delve deeper into your experiences can enhance your military life in ways that you may never have thought possible. To get started, think about what you want out of your experiences, then research to find things that appeal to you and share it with others.

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