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Guest Blog: Sweet Summertime


Blogger Biography: Annie has been a proud Marine wife for the past three and a half years. She and her husband are currently stationed in Central Arkansas, where she is teaching piano and voice while completing her master’s in music education. Like many military spouses, she submerses herself in a variety of activities. For Annie these include singing locally, blogging, cooking fattening meals to please the man of the house, networking, running occasionally and taking care of her babies, Belle and Beau (note: they are dogs).

Summer. Whether we love it or hate it, it has been ingrained in us as a happy time from the time we were kids. Yes, maybe we had summer school or a summer job, but it’s like working on the weekends; it’s still the weekend, and summer is still summer. So you have to love it for what it is, summer!

What if your husband is deployed… or training… or at home driving you crazy… or you have no money…or you are bored… or like the rest of the year, you are still working your tush off?  How can you make summer sweet?

Music. Music is healing. Music is a stress relief. Music makes a so-so night at a café, a magical “Am I in a movie?” experience. Don’t sit at home every night; go find some music! And if you are so utterly disconnected from civilization, please have a backyard cookout WITH tunes. ☺

Fruit. Um, it’s actually in season, so eat it! It’s full of sugar, but it’s good for you. Go strawberry picking and freeze some for later in the year! Eating healthy is a major mood booster. If you are living alone this summer, and all you want are carbs, add a little fruit to your diet! Dip that stuff in some chocolate if you must, but eat fruit! You never know; it may even tempt you to try a vegetable.

Move. I know it’s hotter than Hades out there, and if you live in the south, you will be sticky all summer. However, moving is so important to our physical and mental health. Even if you can only handle a five to 10-minute walk, do it! One of my favorite ways to get moving is yoga. You can usually find a class in an air-conditioned building at your local gym or on base. If not, grab a mat from the store, put on your stretchy pants and search the Internet for some yoga sessions. Ask a friend to come over and join you!

Holidays. There are a few holidays during the summer months including Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. Over the past few years, my husband and I have not really done anything during these holidays, but my advice to you is to find something to do. Don’t wear yourself out planning something elaborate, but do something! Get together with friends, take a short trip, get a massage or have a movie marathon. I’m not a holiday junkie, but take the time to do something nice! You don’t have to dress up like Lady Liberty for the local firework show, but just make a point to do something fun!

Hopefully you find some motivation to have a good summer regardless of your situation. I have fond memories of spending all summer riding my bike, drinking too many cokes and watching a lot of TV every summer as a kid. Why should we stop enjoying the summer as adults? Let the good times roll. ☺

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