Topic: Young Children

Only recently can I finally say I am getting back into a place where I’m enjoying motherhood. The last year and a half since our second child was born has been a long and challenging season in our household that I once thought might never end. I know that mothers experience different joys and burdens at different times. No age or phase of childhood is universally “the easiest” or “the hardest,” but rather depends on the varying dynamics and natures of each unique child. For me, personally, the first two and a half years of motherhood brought me an overwhelming sense of fulfillment and joy. While there were certainly challenges in those first couple of years as I adjusted to being a new mom, it was a time that filled me with a sense of purpose like I’d never felt before. Our first child was easygoing and gentle-natured, a great sleeper, cautious and rarely wandered off. He was agreeable and mellow, and I found it easy being his mom most days.

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