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MilLife Learning: Grow Your Knowledge as a MilSpouse

There is no one more impactful and valuable to a military community than an informed spouse. We all know the one, or maybe you are the one! This spouse has done their research and is a walking encyclopedia of nearly everything, and if they don’t have an answer to your question, they at least know someone who does. This spouse is seasoned, and amazing.

As a new MilSpouse, there is a world of information unbeknownst to me. So much about this life is traditionally learned on the fly, but luckily Military OneSource has taken on the challenge of putting this knowledge where everyone can easily access it with MilLife Learning. MilLife Learning, formerly My Training Hub, was rebranded in February 2019. It is a completely free online platform that allows users to take classes on a variety of topics supporting military life. Although these all have a military focused lens, everything can be applied to civilian life. There is an entire catalog of topics that Military OneSource is still expanding. Course lengths are anywhere from three minutes to four hours long. Topics include: community capacity building, completing the DD93, EFMP advocacy and communication, a “MilFam 101” series of modules, some great money matters tips, inclusive customer service, leveraging LinkedIn for milspouses, personal accountability, and planning your next PCS.

I work in Community Relations for a military nonprofit, so as my first course I decided to take the Community Capacity Building. I was excited that I could utilize the information from this class both my Army community and my professional community. Military OneSource understands the importance of making education a priority, especially when navigating a career as a military spouse. To get started with MilLife Learning, you’ll setup an account and create your profile. After a few easy steps, you can browse the courses. There is a preview of each course that shows you the title, a brief description, and the estimated length of time it will take to complete the course. You can enroll and take as many classes as you’d like, as well as pause a course when you need to. I started on the first of three modules for my course. The module started with a pre-assessment, which let me know both what I would be learning and what I already knew or didn’t know. The slides had just a few bullets and a photo, which acted as a good visual aid. A transcript of the slides is also available on the left-hand side. The modules also included case studies and some activities to keep you engaged and make sure you grasp the concepts. The final section had a downloadable worksheet focused on results-based planning. I split the fundamentals course over a few days. When I finished the third module, I took a post-assessment. You need at least an 80% to pass and can take it as many times as you need to. Upon completion of the course, MilLife Learning has a certificate waiting for you in your profile. This certificate can be added to your resume and LinkedIn.

Whether you take a course for your own benefit or to prepare yourself to go back to work, it is always a great idea to continue your education in some form. MilLife Learning has taken on the initiative to not only support military family life but also spouse careers. Their courses will have every spouse or military family member becoming the go-to in no time.

Nora Anderson
Written By Nora Anderson
Army Spouse

Nora became a brand-new milspouse in 2018. Her first lesson: 12 moves as an Army brat will never be enough preparation for this whirlwind life.

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