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Guest Blog: The Other Side of Deployment

Blogger Biography: Randall is an Army wife whose husband was just recently deployed. She started a personal blog as a way to get her feelings out.

Waking up everyday, I never know if it is going to be a good day or a bad day. When your husband is away, the nights go by extremely slowly. Sometimes the smallest thing can send you over the edge. When he first leaves, everyone tends to be a little overwhelming. Texting to check on you, inviting you over, etc. And then after a while the texts and phone calls start to dwindle and you begin to see who will truly stand by you through one of the hardest experiences anyone can go through. Sometimes people will surprise you. Those you don’t expect to hear from contact you when you really need it. And those you thought would be there…

I find myself being overly emotional about things having nothing to do with my situation or missing my husband. Then during situations I would have bet I would lose it, I am able to hold it together. One thing I haven’t yet talked about is the fact that I am a singer. Every year I am a performer at our local Summerfest. This year I wanted to do a tribute to the troops and my husband. I decided to sing “God Bless America” after speaking about my husband being deployed. My mom thought for sure I would lose it. Surprisingly, I was able to hold myself together. Although I could not look at any of my family or friends while singing, I was able to make it through.

Not too long ago was the anniversary of September 11th. It started off as a bad day because I woke up with a migraine. The rest of the day was just blah. I couldn’t explain it, but I just wasn’t in a good mood and it was rough. I knew I could not watch any footage on the television or I would lose it. So instead, I immersed myself with work and then choir practice at church. Coming home I watched television and was an emotional basket case. But I realized the next day was Thursday, which meant I would get to talk to my hubby. When that phone call came, my mood totally changed. He said he had a rough couple of days, which might have explained the funk I had been in as well. It is like I can tell when something is off with him. It’s good to know that although he is halfway around the world, we are still in sync. He sounded so excited to talk to me. I couldn’t help but smile! So with that, I will end my evening and begin the countdown to next Thursday!

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  • Is a very emotional story. The lives of these women is harder than we thought but his fortitude and strength keeps us believing. Thanks for sharing. Great experience.

  • Dan Macsay says:

    Thank you for the contribution to these blogs. I pray your husband remains safe and that your separation is a trial that still communicates hope through the Lord.