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Guest Blog: Moments to Cherish


Blogger Biography: Cheryle is a 10-year military spouse who has lived away from her husband longer than they’ve been under the same roof. Now that they are transitioning into the retirement stage, a whole new adventure has begun. There will soon be more time to spend at the lake, with their three children and their first grandchild. Retirement doesn’t mean you leave the military family behind because once you are a part of the military family, you are always family. Her husband’s military civilian job will keep them close to the family long after retirement.

Everyone has “MOMENTS” in life that bring joy. The birth of a child, graduation, vacation, a first kiss…you get the idea. Our family has had our share of moments to rejoice and moments that quickly remind us we should cherish those more joyful moments. One thing they have in common is that each moment has the opportunity to teach us something.

I can reflect back on the moment that taught me patience as I waited for the test results of a sick child. I breathe a sigh of relief remembering the one that taught me faith when I waited for my husband to return from Afghanistan unharmed. These are moments I classify as monumental.

Another monumental moment, which taught me how to rejoice in the gift of life, was when the ink on my son’s driver’s license was still wet and my sixteen-year-old was now driving. I can still remember the proud smile on his face as he got behind the steering wheel of our large vehicle so he could drive his sister to work. Thirty minutes later he called to say he wrecked the car. As a mother, I instantly needed to know he was all right, but all he would talk about was the condition of the vehicle. My heart sank as he described how it flipped over and slid down the embankment into the trees. I was so sure he must be in shock and hurt worse than he portrayed. The short drive to the scene felt like an eternity. Once I caught sight of the mangled metal and broken glass, I frantically searched the area until I found my son. After a mother’s thorough investigation of each and every body part, I could not believe my son walked away with only ONE scratch. We are so lucky and blessed. This lesson also taught me that my son must have better MOMENTS yet to experience.

This thought was confirmed as he went on to have such special moments as being on the homecoming court, making soccer captain and winning the division’s national soccer championship. Just as important are the moments he has not yet achieved, like meeting a girl who takes his breath away, choosing the career that gives him purpose and living the joy of having his first child. Then maybe HE will receive one of life’s great MOMENTS like the one he gave me just last night.

I was sound asleep when my phone rang, and usually that is not a good sign. Only this time it was my son calling to thank me for giving him the best gift he has received in a long time. For his birthday, I gave him concert tickets to see his all-time favorite band. He ended up in the front row shaking hands with the group and having a wonderful time. The sound of extreme happiness in his voice was all a mother could hope for. It only took a small thing, like that gift, to create one of those big MOMENTS for him that he will never forget, and then, that call from him to make one of those big MOMENTS for me!

Life is full of big and little moments, and sometimes it’s the littlest moments that bring the greatest joy.

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