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Guest Blog: Moving to a Different Country Is Like Having a Baby


Blogger Biography: Krystel has been married to her husband for four years, and they have three children together. They recently got orders to move overseas and are preparing to make their first PCS with an infant, a toddler and a preschooler in tow. Krystel has enjoyed the challenge of going to school full-time while staying at home with the wiggly wee ones and is looking forward to the upcoming overseas adventure with her little family.

“So, where do you want to move?” my husband asked me in between contractions. I was 38 weeks pregnant with our baby girl, our third child in as many years of marriage. “Well, I guess Europe would be nice,” I panted.

It was an easy delivery. But even an easy labor is tiring, and waking frequently to tend to a newborn is exhausting. I slept fitfully in the unfamiliar hospital setting. The phone rang many times the morning after I gave birth, but I needed to rest and ignored my calls.

Shortly before lunch I answered the phone. My husband told me that he had been worrying about me; I had not answered his calls. He understood I was tired, but he had important news. He had just received orders to England.

I was upset at first. I had just given birth the day before, and my children had yet to meet their new sister. I still needed to potty train my middle child. How could I thrust so much change on them so suddenly? England would be different from Florida. I would feel lonely and depressed; I was sure to have a mental breakdown when we arrived.

When I first discovered that I was pregnant for the third time, I cried. Of course I was happy about having another baby with my beloved, but what about my two sons? They were still babies! Would I be able to give them all the attention they deserved? Would I be able to provide for them? Would I ever sleep again?

My youngest is 8 months old now. She and her brothers love one another very much, and I love each of them. They have everything they need. They are happy and healthy, and all growing and learning at lightening speed. I do wake up many times each night to attend to them, but it has become my routine, and I don’t mind it.

I think that this PCS move from Florida to England will bring many changes. Right now we are going through a period of adjustment, not dissimilar to the watching and waiting that happens throughout a pregnancy. I think I will find, eight or nine months from now, that life in England will feel natural and good—as meant to be as any of my babies.

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  • grandma says:

    Loved reading this and I think you are right!! Take care and thank you for sharing. Love you, Grandma:)