Topic: Infants

Tib's Tips: Protective Factors Sometimes you just need a quick checklist, something you can mentally count on your fingers, while juggling parenting, adult relationships, household tasks, finances, school, or a career. For instance, the checklist you use when you leave the house, baby in tow, shopping list in hand. Let’s see, where are my keys, did I bring an extra diaper, I know my cell phone is in here somewhere, and where’s my wallet, did the gas gauge say empty when I got home last night?    Wouldn’t it be great if there was a similar yet simple checklist for keeping track of how your family is doing, for how you are doing?  Surprisingly, I ran across one while meeting new partners in home visiting.  It’s called the protective factors framework and the research indicates that these six ingredients can strengthen families in just about any situation.  I especially like the idea that I can count these six building blocks off on my fingers while doing a quick self assessment and make adjustments where necessary.

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