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Going Back to School as a MilSpouse

As military spouses, we face additional challenges when it comes to continuing our education. Not only do we have to balance home, school, possibly work and family responsibilities, but we also have to factor in our military lives. This can include moving before you are finished with your education, seeing to responsibilities that come with any organizations you are a part of, and in some cases going back to school while a spouse is deployed.

While the process can seem daunting, it can be done with work and planning. If you will be moving before you are able to finish your education, it is best to speak to your school advisor as soon as possible. They should be able to help you plan out the steps you need to take to ensure a good start and a smooth transition to another school when the time comes. It may also be helpful to find out if there are on-campus services available for military veterans and families. Networking with people who understand your circumstances can be a great way to find support and camaraderie.

While juggling the demands of home, family and school, making a schedule and trying to stick with it can be helpful, but that doesn’t always work. We cannot predict what each day will bring. I have found it is best to be as flexible as possible, and more importantly, try to stay calm and know that it will all come together. Ask for help when you need it, be disciplined when it comes to a study schedule and carve out some time for self-care as part of the balancing act. One thing military spouses are is resilient! We are used to and capable of handling a lot. When you look in the mirror, remind yourself of how strong and capable you are and that you will be graduating before you know it.

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