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Guest Blog: Appreciating My Soldier


Blogger Biography: Appreciating my life. I know many other milspouses will agree.

In my short time as a military spouse, I have learned and come to appreciate so much more than I thought possible. I have learned that no matter my husband’s rank, branch or time enlisted, so many more people look up to him than just our family. People all over the city, state, country and world see him in uniform and stare in awe and admiration, as I do daily.

I have learned that being a wife and mother means so much more than cooking and cleaning. It means loving your husband in the hard times and keeping the household together when he’s away. He’s not just away at a business meeting; he’s away protecting us. He’s in the desert wondering how his son and I are back home — while we wonder how he is, impatiently awaiting his return. It means making sure my son knows his daddy is not just away for work; he’s away for his family and for his country.

I have come to appreciate that kiss before work, that look he gives me for no good reason (at least no reason I understand), that minute on the phone, that last “I love you” before bed, that quality father-son time, that Friday night movie date, and last but not least, the ring on my finger that means so much more than husband and wife or a glisten in the sun.

I’ve realized no matter how many times I complain or cry over him being deployed, I get to say my husband has one of the most honorable jobs of all. My unexpected phone call in the middle of the day or night means so much more than just a regular phone call home. I’m not a regular wife, with a regular family, or a regular life, in any regular situation. I have a soldier. A very loving and hardworking soldier. A soldier also known as my husband.

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