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Voice Your Feedback on the New MSEP Website

Voice Your Feedback on the New MSEP Website

Robert L. Gordon III
By Robert L. Gordon III

The Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) is only six months old, but we have made tremendous progress in that short time.  With close to 100 employer partners that include Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-profits, academia, government, and the medical field, we are on our way to ensuring all military spouses who desire to work can find stable and meaningful employment.  Since June, over 115,000 j

obs have been posted to www.msepjobs.com, and there are currently over 60,000 jobs available on the site.  To date, over 10,400 spouses have found employment through the MSEP program.

We have recently begun work on the next generation of the MSEP web site.  We’re at the ground floor of this effort, and we want your ideas and your input!

We have created three mockups of what could be the home page of the new website.  They are Design One, Design Two and Design Three.   Click on the image once it opens to enlarge it for better viewing.  Please take some time to focus on the look and feel of these pages. Tell us what you like, and tell us what you don’t like.   Which one is your favorite?  What do you think of the general layout?  What functions on the site would be the most valuable for you in finding employment?   Please let us know what you think by joining our discussion, and please share with your friends and families for them to provide their input and ideas as well.

Since MSEPjobs.com is a website for you, your feedback is critical for us to make it better.  Please keep in mind that since these are simply snapshots of the homepages, the links will not be active, and since these are mockups, the text on the pages is the usual Latin gibberish that web designers use while pages are still in development.  The actual text and working links will be included later, but for now, we need your thoughts on these new designs, the colors, the icons, and the overall feel.

The new site will have enhanced functionality.  For example, it will provide the ability to search jobs by zip code and the descriptor “telecommuting.”  It will include a resume builder function and provide you with tailored email alerts when you are matched to a job posting.  You will be able to build your profile and include your education and experience, and you will receive job matches based on this information.  It’s important to note that these exciting upgrades have been included because military spouses like you are speaking up to help make this site as useful as possible.

We are planning to launch the new MSEP site in early 2012.  Our number-one goal is to support you and your family.  We can do that most effectively when you are involved with us in building tools for your use.  Please join us in making sure our military spouses have all the support and assistance they need when it comes to finding meaningful employment.  Until next time, be well!

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