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MilSpouse Down!

Ahh, the unpredictability of life! Things can change in an instant, for better or for worse. Most of the time we can roll with it and just keep on keeping on. Sometimes, however, we need help.

Recently, I was handed some lemons of my own. I was draining pasta and burned myself – a severe second degree burn on my abdomen. As soon as it happened I knew I needed help, but I didn’t panic. In times like this when I’m unable to maintain the status quo, I call in my pinch hitters – my fellow MilSpouses – and together, we figure it out.

The beauty of military life is that we have an entire community surrounding and supporting us when we need help. We don’t live on base, but we live in a neighborhood full of military families and I am fortunate enough to work with some military wives. This community of people helped me get my classes covered, change my bandages…and most importantly, keep my chin up and move forward.

When one of us is going through something, our fellow military spouses always seem to be there and are willing to lend a helping hand. What I think is particularly beautiful about this camaraderie, from my experience, is that it doesn’t know any limits.  It doesn’t matter the branch or assignment – MilSpouses and MilFamilies respond to the call – even for people we don’t necessarily know. We’re a tribe, a community. One I am very grateful for.

I’ve been working really hard on practicing gratitude, and this situation gave me a lot of material to work with. Who are the people in your tribe that you can always go to when you need them? Can you recall an event when they came running, maybe without you even asking? I encourage you to take some time to reflect on this – it’s so special and worth appreciating. The next time you have the capacity to help a fellow MilSpouse, do it with an open heart. Someday, it will be their turn to be there for you.

Kelly Bojan
Written By Kelly Bojan
Army Spouse

Kelly is a Milspouse who enjoys the many adventures of military life. Her husband has been in the Active Guard Reserve for the past eight years.

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