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Five Reasons Why Military Kids Are Awesome

We love our kids and there are a thousand ways to count why we love them – from the cute way they wrinkle their nose when they are excited, to the great big bear hugs you get at bedtime. All kids are awesome, but military kids have a certain set of skills that separate them from the crowd.

  1. Adaptable. Military kids experience significant life changes more often than the average child. Whether it’s changing new duty stations, a deploying parent, or friends moving away, our kids have to adapt. The upside? This also translates into everyday situations. MilKids learn early how to go with the flow. From losing their favorite pair of mittens to losing a beloved family pet, these kids can handle it. Their ability to rebound from a setback comes from lots of practice.
  2. Independent. Sometimes our kids have to learn to fly solo quicker than we’d like. There are days when juggling kids, a job and household chores is more than I can do. I have to give my attention to the most pressing need – sometimes that’s dinner on the stove, and other times it’s a screaming child. I would like to say that I am a perfect parent who can handle it all, but the truth is sometimes my kids need to entertain themselves while I deal with other things. Their imaginations never cease to amaze me; they can do some incredible things with a few empty cardboard boxes.
  3. Protective. Our little ones are intuitive and they can tell when someone needs a hand. Whether it is preventing the baby from falling off the couch or telling mommy she is driving too fast (again), our kids know when to step in and step up. They understand, especially when one parent is gone, that we need an extra set of eyes making sure that all is right with the world.
  4. Good at following directions. Military households are usually pretty regimented and orderly. Schedules and rules are important in our household, especially when daddy is gone. We adhere to a set routine for bedtime, homework and meals. My kids know that they’re expected to follow the rules, and they’ve grown accustomed and comfortable with reality.
  5. Loving. Military kids love fiercely. Maybe it is because they are often missing a parent so they make up for it by showing lots of love to the other one. My son is a snuggler most of the time, but when daddy is away, he becomes extra snuggly. And when he gets to talk to daddy – well, it’s pretty much the sweetest thing. There is a saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder; that is totally true of our MilKids!

We adore our MilKids for so many reasons. In honor of the Month of the Military Child, tell us some of your favorite characteristics of your own MilKids in the comments!

Lee-Anne Castro
Written By Lee-Anne Castro
Army National Guard Spouse

Lee-Anne is an Army National Guard spouse of 13 years. She works full time, has two kids and thinks she is much funnier than she really is.

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