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Letter of Thanks: To Jeremiah

Letter of Thanks: To Jeremiah

This Thanksgiving season, Blog Brigade readers and Military OneSource Facebook fans are invited to write a letter of thanks to their service member for a chance to “publicly thank them” here on the blog and the Military OneSource Pinterest site. For more information or to submit your own letter of thanks, please visit this post.

Letter from Felicia Johnson to Jeremiah Johnson:

I want to send out a special thank you this Thanksgiving season. You give so selflessly. You support us. You love us. And you do all that by being an awesome soldier and medic. The kids and I both are so proud of your accomplishments and the amazing medic that you are. We have so enjoyed these past five years as being a military family.

Thank you for working long and irregular hours.

Thank you for doing your best no matter who was watching.

Thank you for coming home after being tired and helping me with the kids.

Thank you for being there for me whether it was by phone or in person.

Thank you for letting me “let my crazy out” on you.

Thank you always willingly trying my kitchen creations.

Thank you for going places with me, even though you would rather stay home.

Thank you for putting your foot down when I just don’t know when to stop.

Thank you for participating in the education of our children.

Thank you for being an awesome soldier that we are so very proud of. We love you!


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