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Letter of Thanks: To Glenn

Letter of Thanks: To Glenn

This Thanksgiving season, Blog Brigade readers and Military OneSource Facebook fans are invited to write a letter of thanks to their service member for a chance to “publicly thank them” here on the blog and the Military OneSource Pinterest site. For more information or to submit your own letter of thanks, please visit this post.

Letter from Anita Peters to Glenn Peters

My Son,

I am so so proud of you, we all are.  You are our HERO and thank you for protecting us.  I miss you so much.  It’s getting to be that dreaded time of year again, when I cry because you are not home for the holidays and you tell me it will be okay.  I am hoping and praying this Christmas we will be able to see each other.  The cool thing is you are no longer stationed in Europe and now you are stationed in the USA.  It is 19 hours away which still seems worlds away.  Gosh writing this is bringing tears to my eyes.  It is starting already… I just miss you so much and would love to have turkey with you and open presents with you.  Of course Babs too.  We love and miss her as well and would love to have her in our home during Christmas.  She would bring joy to all because she makes you so happy.   I will even make sure we have a stocking for her. Oh, most of all, I just want to hug you tight and never let you go.  We all miss you and love you so much.  God Bless and thank you for being my son.

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