Fall Activities that Won’t Break the Bank

Fall Activities that Won’t Break the Bank


Cheer up! Summer may be over, but there’s plenty to look forward to this fall! From picking the perfect pumpkin, to staying in for a cozy evening of football or choosing a festive Halloween costume, this season is full of fun and affordable activities. Here are a few possibilities to get you started.

For “Singles.” As military families know, sometimes our service members are gone for seasons at a time. Whether you’re on your own due to a deployment, training or just living in separate places, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy this time of year. For starters, fall is a great season to focus on fitness! The heavy heat of summer has lifted, and colorful leaves are falling from the trees, just begging to be crunched beneath your running sneakers or stroller wheels!

Another classic fall pastime is football. If you can get out to an actual game, by all means— go! But if you’re on a budget, call a few friends up and host “game night” at your house. It’s also a great time to try out new “game food” recipes like taco dips, roasted pumpkin seeds, or homemade potato chips! I always test out my crazy new recipes when my hubby is away… that way, if they stink, he won’t know what a terrible cook I really am!

For Couples. Fall is the perfect season to cozy up with your honey and keep that spark alive in your relationship. Simple activities like picking a pumpkin together and carving it out at home tend to bring things back to the basics; especially in the chaotic, tech-savvy world we’re immersed in everyday. Doesn’t sharing a hot cup of apple cider and some cinnamon donuts sound romantic? Pack a thermos and picnic and take some time for just the two of you.

Another way to step away from the chaos is to get outside to breathe in the crisp fall air and take in the beautiful, changing foliage. Or consider hiking together! Physical activity helps to reduce stress, which can be great for any relationship. Hiking is a way to take a common goal and achieve it together, resulting in better communication and a shared passion. Better yet, pack a picnic for your hike to the pumpkin patch! Err… that’s a little ambitious. Just kidding.

For Little Ones. Aside from visiting a pumpkin patch, attending local fairs or festivals, going on hay rides or picking apples, fall offers even more activities for children. No need to go to a corn maze— make your own! When leaves cover the lawn, rake a twisting pathway through them and have your cuties find the right path out of it. Reward them with a special treat at the end, like a baked good or small toy.

If daddy or mommy is deployed, get creative and make a fall craft to send in a care package. An autumn leaf collage or some pressed flowers are sweet, thoughtful and basically free!

Have you ever stuffed a scarecrow? Use out an old shirt and overalls, and stuff them with leaves until they’re firm. Complete with a pumpkin head! Or, play an educational, outdoorsy game like “name that leaf.” Have your tot collect five unusual leaves. Back home, try to identify the trees they came from using guidebooks or the Internet.

If it’s too chilly for your little ones outside, consider “story time” at your local library. Many libraries offer story time for children, and the best part? Not only will it keep your child engaged, but it’s a great learning experience (and it’s indoors). If the weather is still that perfect temp outside, you could always check out a guidebook for the leaf game!

Whether you’re a parent, kidless or “single” for the season, take advantage of the many activities nature and your community offer. Fall is a beautiful, active and dynamic season. Don’t miss it!

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