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Deployment Chronicles: Week One, Slice of Life

Deployment Chronicles: Week One, Slice of Life

Well, it is official.  The Donut-Of-Misery has begun the countdown towards this time next year when my husband will hopefully be on his way stateside again.

And, true to urban legend, during the first week of his absence it seemed several forces of nature were conspiring to remind us steadily that he was gone, or, at the very least, drive me utterly insane.  Here’s a rundown of how it all went down (and afterwards, I invite you to submit your own horror stories so that we may all learn from them!):

Monday, while on a six hour road trip with the kids back from visiting family, I begin to have symptoms of kidney stones.  At the time, I didn’t realize what was happening, only that I felt like I might actually have somehow ingested  a small alien which was now trying to work its way out ala the movie Aliens. I managed to keep it together till we made it home whereupon I waited for a friend to come over to make a run over to the Emergency Room.  Nuff said.

Tuesday, the water pressure in our kitchen started acting up.  After making sure it wasn’t because it was leaking out of the bottom, I put it on the list to ask my neighbor to come over and check.  He’s my contracted handyman when my in-house version is away.  He’s also available for gutter checks, spider removal, car battery changing, and other odds and ends that grampa’s are so good at.

Wednesday, for all intents and purposes was quiet.  I did decide to throw away the, um, strainer, that the ER sent me home with because my youngest was trying to wear it around as a hat.  Gross!

Thursday, my younger son’s daytime babysitter calls me.  I am at an MOAA spouse symposium – my first appearance outside the house all week.  She says she found a tick behind his ear. Seriously?!?   When he gets home I recheck him and keep him from throwing away a shoe because I said it was “dirty” – I just meant we had to wash everything and check everyone to make sure there were no more ticks. Oh, and I called and left a message for our Terminix rep to stop by.  (A slight fast-forward on this particular incident – I didn’t see my youngest had already thrown away one of the shoes he was wearing.  I found out on Monday of the next week when it was raining and I was dressing him.  His simple statement, “Bye Bye Shoe!” let me know the score.  He has since been wearing my older son’s hand me down shoes that are a size and a half too big.  He looks like he is going skiing.)

Friday, I realize the battery to the car is dead.   I am beyond thankful we actually bought another car in the two months Mr. Wonderful was home between deployments.  I don’t stress about it though because you know what?

Any day without a kidney stone is a good day in this house now!

Ok, your turn.  Share you funniest “everything goes wrong the first week of deployment” stories.  I’ve had friends whose kids have gotten sick, washing machines break down, pets died, you name it!

What I learned from this past week is to, at the very least, maintain my sense of humor.   After all, what doesn’t kill us makes us strong right?  Forget about Army strong, we are MILSPOUSE STRONG!

And remember, Military OneSource has great resources for coping during deployments, including the CD: “These Boots: A spouse’s guide to stepping up and standing tall during deployment.”

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