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More Earth Day – Re-use (small steps)

More Earth Day – Re-use (small steps)

Here’s the second in this week’s three part series on ways to go green. Reminder: This is from our friends at Military Living Green, a growing group of military spouses and service members, encouraging each other to live more sustainably, on base and off.

Reuse-Small Steps:

  • Glass jars, they make wonderful vases or storage containers
  • Reuse paper. Kids will writer or draw on anything; makes great scratch paper and packing material
  • Keep old, but wearable clothes for house/yard work. Great for painting with the kids
  • Reuse dryer sheets (keeps drawers smelling fresh)
  • Use your favorite search engine to find out about recycle programs such as freecycle or community organizations and churches who can benefit from your items
  • Gift bags (I love it when there is nothing written on the bag, reuse)
  • Plastic grocery bags-reuse when feasible especially if you choose not to purchase a reusable bag
  • Plastic containers-make great storage for pens, pencils and other items.
  • Old clothing make great cleaning cloths
  • Leftovers (second time around sometimes tastes better)

Next: Recycling.

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